21 Savage Detained By ICE

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26-year-old She’yaa Bin Abraham – Joseph known as 21 Savage was detained by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday. Since the breaking of this story there has been a lot of confusion and speculation. The Grammy nominated artist 21 Savage has strongly been identified as an Atlanta native. However, it has come to light that he was born in Newham, which is a borough of London. He moved to the U.S. at the age of 7 legally. In 2005, at the age of 12 he left the U.S, shortly and he returned on a temporary visa which expired a year later.

Since then he has been in the US without authorization but has been in the process of legalized his immigration status. Many of his celebrity friends have spoken out about his legal woes. Being that he is a father of three kids and has deep ties to the U.S. Jay-Z has hired a legal team to help the “A lot” rapper and others have stated a free 21 Savage campaign. 

In 2017, 21 applied for a U Visa. It has been stated that immigrants can wait as long as three years before even being placed on the waiting list.  As of now 21 has been denied bail. His lawyers are fighting this decision stating that he is not a flight risk and has strong ties to Atlanta. It has also been revealed that the rapper is on lock down 23 hours of the day with no television and no means of communication besides a few short 10-minute calls. This is inhumane treatment and despite the memes and talks about rather he should be able to stay in the U.S or not the truth of the matter he is a father and his charitable contributions to the community makes him a role model to kids. Let’s hope this can be handled quickly for the sake of all involved.

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