“Black lives Matter – Week of Action”

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Black lives Matter, Week of Action
On February 5, 2018, at least 25 schools across the country are using the first week of black history month to educate students about the fight for equal rights and “black liberation. This week has been named “Black lives Matter – Week of Action” This week was created in Philadelphia and the goal is to give students a way to engage in dialogue openly and freely in regard to race.

The week starts on February 5, 2018- February 10, 2018, which is a full school week. The week will have High School students engaging in activities that included things like an open panel discussion, theatrical performances, lunch-and-learns and expressions through art.

It should be noted that an effort to create a more diverse environment for students of color the creators has made it a matter of utmost importance to hire and retain teachers of color and include multicultural studies in the curriculum.

As studies have shown the differences in the education, materials and even suspension rates for black kids are widely different than that of their peers. It is important that our kids see teachers that look like them and a are well rounded in knowledge to know the power in them. This program is a step in the right direction to change the state of education and therefore changing the state of mind that will create our future.

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