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Erica Garner
The Late Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner who was killed by police and whose death in part led to protest throughout the country, never stopped fighting for justice for her father. Before her early passing due to heart failure at the age of 27, Erica secretly recorded a meeting she had with Department of Justice officials in June of 2017.

After her Father died, the strong young lady took a strong stance for justice not only for her dad but for all of the unsung voices. She stopped traffic on the Verrazano Bridge. She also vowed to keep her dad’s memory alive as she faithfully went to the spot where he died every week.

She was dissatisfied with the direction of the meeting and made that fact known. Promises made during that meeting as she stated were empty. However, she made it a face to secretly recorded the meeting that was also attended by her mother, Esaw Snipes and grandmother, Gwen Carr, as well as Reverend Al Sharpton.

In the video, officials can be heard telling the family “I think that we’ll be at a decisional point within the next several months. We’re not talking about; no decisions being made on this case in 2018. That is not where we’re at.”

Even in the meeting, the family question about more details concerning the civil case was unanswered which left Garner very unhappy with the whole situation. The unanswered questions left her even more determined to get answers and see someone prosecuted for her father’s death at the hand of police officers back in 2014. At this time no statement has been made from the Justice Department and it is still unknown where this case is headed. Let’s hope for justice for this family and for the daughter that never stopped fighting.

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