Harriet Tubman story to hit big screen

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The story of trailblazing iconic Harriet Tubman is set to hit the big screen November 1, 2019. The movie will be directed by Kasi Lemmons who also directed Eve’s Bayou. Starring in the movie is Cynthia Ervio as Harriet, Janelle Monae, Tim Guinea, and Joe Alwyn. 

The highly anticipated movie about abolitionists Harriet Tubman has not been without criticism. The decision to cast British actor Cynthia Erick has been met with some backlash with the hashtag #harrietdeservesbetter. The reason for the backlash is that many believe that an American actress should have been selected. Regardless of the criticism of the backlash the anticipation for this movie is enormous.

Harriet Tubman is said to have led over 300 slaves to freedom. Harriet has been quoted as saying she believed she freed at least 70 and never losing track of a single one according to she’s also been quoted saying she freed several slaves, but could have freed many more If Only They knew they were slaves.

In the trailer you can see Harriet trapped between a slave owner and a river, she chose the river. After her daring Escape she vowed to go back and help others and she did as one of the main conductors of the Underground Railroad. We all grew up with history lessons about our ancestors and The Story of Harriet Tubman is Vine of immense determination and fearlessness to fight for not only your freedom but the freedom of others.

This highly anticipated movie about the Dorchester born Harriet Tubman, is one that is sure to enlighten and educate us with one of the most iconic figures in our history.  “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop.” Harriett Tubman

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