Sanford Florida teacher sends home homework containing a racial slur

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In Sanford, Florida, (note this is also the place where Trayvon Martin was killed) first-grade students were given an assignment with a word that will leave many puzzled and angry. What was the word you might ask? It was the notorious N-word and to say the least parents were enraged.

One of the student’s parents told WESH 2 Investigates “In today’s society, it’s very prevalent. Racism! It’s very prevalent.” Which is true the racial climate in America is a hotbed right now and you would think that educators would take heed to this and promote and embrace kids of color.

What was the teachers excuse for the major blunder she pointed to the keyboard on her computer and said the “B” and the “N” are right next to each other, and she accidentally typed the “N” instead of the “B.” and simply informed one parent when confronted by the asinine excuse ‘It is a word’.

A word, that was meant to insult and mentally shackle a group of individuals based on their skin tone. A word deprived of hate.

Michael Lawrence, a spokesperson for the school released a statement to WESH 2 Investigates saying that, “The district is aware of the unintentional and unfortunate mistake regarding the typo on the spelling words worksheet. The teacher involved has taught at Hamilton Elementary for many years and is extremely remorseful about the situation. The school has already fixed and updated the spelling words list and redistributed to the students in that particular class. In addition, a memo has gone home with students sincerely apologizing for the error.”

No punishment just a half-sincere apology from a school system that is supposed to protect and teach.

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