What is Speak Your Truth and Why is Oprah facing backlash?

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Oprah Winfrey, speak your truth

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During the Golden Globes on Sunday Oprah was presented with the Cecil B. DeMIlle award. During this speech, she gave praise to the #MeToo movement and the women who have had the courage to speak up before the movement begun. Notably Recy Taylor, who in 1940 spoke about a rape at the hands of six white men in Alabama during Jim crow. Oprah urged us to use ourselves to make positive change. Repeating several times, the importance of voicing the truth to as a means to create political and social change.

So why the backlash? She is speaking for a position of great influence and giving us the power to live and speak our truth. Right well, others believe differently Mediaite published an op-ed declaring, “Oprah’s Crucial Error: Speaking ‘Your’ Truth Isn’t a Powerful Tool, It’s a Poison.” “When we rely on ‘our truths,’” Joseph A. Wulfsohn wrote, “we get to choose what to believe.”

Other’s believed that she is setting up to throw her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race. All in All the under the line content of the discussion being made about her speech was that she used “your truth” instead of “the truth” leaving the empowered the freewill to spew “alternative fact”.

While many can interpret what she meant or simply read to much between the lines. The message was, to be honest, and brave and not afraid to stand up injustice. In this day in age, it is so easy to get lost in twitter babble and memes. However, the strength of those who have stood up and spoke “the truth” “their truth” should not be undermined by misinterpretation. The # MeToo movement is encouraging the otherwise voiceless to find their voice. Hopefully, this will create dialogue and change

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