Tracee Ellis Ross dispells rumors of her leaving Black-ish over money dispute

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Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish
With the #TIMESUP Movement in full swing, we have been seeing more marches across the country, urging for equal pay and equal rights for women. This has been a hot topic for years but with social media, as a platform, our voices are being heard louder and louder. Even Hollywood is feeling the blunt force of this movement. In an article written by Tatiana Siegel for The Hollywood Reporter, it was reported that Ross threatened to appear in fewer episodes of ABC’S highly popular and Award-winning comedy Black-ish if her pay did not match that of her co-star, Anthony Anderson.

However, Ross went on Twitter to end all rumors of her leaving. In her statement, she said that none of the facts came directly from her and that she wished that the reporter had called her to confirm the story. As far as taking a stand in the #Timesup movement, her renegotiating her contract was business and not that of political standing. It was a private meeting and should have remained as such.

While many are using this platform to speak out about unfair wage practice in the workplace and in Hollywood, Ross never intended to air out this laundry and claims that the reporter got it all wrong. This issue is real and in order to bridge the gap and be seen and paid as equal, we must speak the truth and not try to gain traction by slinging alternative facts. Siegel never revealed who her sources were and should have confirmed all facts before releasing a story that was not supported by the person to whom the article was about.

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